Eastside Culture Crawl | Surfacing:
2021 Exhibit - 25th Anniversary Edition!

November 1–November 30, 2021

The Preview Exhibitions came back in celebration of our 25th Anniversary!

This year’s exhibition, Surfacing, harnessed the creative force gestated in the pandemic period and chronicle the new directions of recent works. This pandemic has been a unique time of introspection and solitude, and artists have taken this opportunity to break complacency, reignite passions and discover unforeseen thematic and artistic possibilities. This exhibition explores these challenging times through art created out of moments of frustration, vulnerability, strength, hope, and gratitude.

Juried by: Alanna Edwards, Paul de Guzman and Connie Sabo

Featuring works by: Deborah Bakos, Shary Bartlett, Marcy Cariglino, ken clarke, Galen Felde, Claudine Gevry, Laleh Javaheri, Pippa Lattey, Bettina Matzkuhn, Pilar Mehlis, Michal Tkachenko, Patti Wall

23rd Annual Eastside Culture Crawl Exhibit: Displacement