Alternative Creations Studio, located in East Vancouver, is a collective that supports artists with developmental disabilities. Our studio provides the opportunity for artists to hone their skills, working both figuratively and abstractly and sometimes the space in between.

Since 2013, our focus has been to enrich the lives of our artists, their families and the broader community. We pride ourselves on collaborating in like-minded initiatives, sharing studio space, and connecting with the wider public by hosting community workshops and other events.

We have exhibited locally and abroad at various venues and events. This includes installations for charitable events such as Bright Nights in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, posAbilities' Inclusion Art Show, and as part of Vancouver’s Eastside Culture Crawl. We have also shown in Auvillar, France as part of a collaborative show put on by Art Outside Ourselves entitled De L’enveloppe à la Silhouette. 

Through art, we create space for an inclusive community. Here is a glimpse of the work we do:
Building a Community Through Art

Alternative Creations Studio is an art studio supported by